Tell Governor Northam

Keep Virginia’s Future Bright Keep PLAs Out of Our State

Create Jobs For Virginians

Virginia residents deserve the first chance at local construction contracts, yet PLAs would take away opportunities from 97% of Virginia’s construction industry. Hiring locally supports our state’s economy, feeds our families, and helps our communities thrive. Let’s build a more beautiful Virginia with Virginians—not with outside contractors and workers.

Support Small and Minority Businesses

Steering contracts to large, out-of-state contractors takes opportunities away from small business and their employees. Government-mandated project labor agreements and prevailing wage requirements hurt these entrepreneurs and stifle local competition. We have the power to support small, women, and minority contractors, but only if we give local projects to local businesses.

Save Taxpayers Money

Government-mandated project labor agreements are expensive and stifle competition. If PLAs are mandated, Virginians will foot the bill—with higher taxes or fewer investments in schools, roads, and affordable housing. Governor Northam can save taxpayers up to 20% by vetoing these bills.

Virginia Loves Local Labor

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